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Since our son serves in the U.S. Army and is stationed a great distance from home, we know his longing to see his family. Our family is a tight knit group with six kids. The siblings of our soldier miss him as deeply as he longs to be with them. We love America and we all are so proud of our son's service. When we spoke with him on the phone we knew by the sound of his voice he was hoping to be home for Christmas but was unsure if the dream would come true. During the fall of 2014, we wanted to see our son home for Christmas. He didn't know if he would receive "leave", but he prayed and hoped it could happen. We could tell that he not only wanted to be home, he needed to be home to see the faces of those who drive his reason to serve.

Justin was able to come home for Christmas that year. Being stationed in Alaska his travel was extremely expensive.  He was able to get home with the financial help of family members.

The next year our son was home for Thanksgiving 2015 leave. We made sure he could be home to celebrate with his family. During his time at home we asked him, “How many enlisted soldiers who receive a Holiday leave actually get to go home?”  His answer was quite surprising and moving, “Very few.”

This is the reason for Operation H.O.M.E.
(Helping Our Military’s Enlisted)

 After that conversation, we began to realize many of our brave young enlisted soldiers cannot afford to travel home to see their families. Getting the opportunity for "leave" is not the problem. The meager pay our enlisted service people receive does not permit many to save enough to buy tickets home.  We asked ourselves, "How can we help those who cannot afford to get home during the holidays?" (For many of the military personnel who have not seen family in several years a trip home is a therapeutic and restorative time that boost troop morale.)

We decided on December 11, 2015 to try meeting as many needs as possible. We founded Operation H.O.M.E with the goal of Helping Our Military's Enlisted get home for Christmas. We contacted friends, family and business associates to ask for help. God used a small group of people to donate over $13,000 in just 12 days. Operation H.O.M.E. worked with the assistance of Army Chaplains to find 10 deserving soldiers and funded their trips home.

The service member had to meet one of the following two criteria:

  1. They had not seen their family in two years.
  2. They were facing some extenuating circumstances.


Here are just a few of the many stories showing the difference you've made in the lives of our soldiers.

Christmas 2015

PARKER: Coming Home to Fargo, ND

The very first soldier suggested to us for the opportunity to receive a trip home for Christmas was SPC Parker. 

Parker had served his country with pride but the pay for an enlisted soldier just did not allow for Parker to go home. No family help was available and he longed to see parents and siblings. 

Christmas 2015 was very special for the Parker family. Their soldier son was home for the first time in 4 years.


10 Soldiers sent home

BENNETT: Christmas surprise

Bennett had not seen her family for more than two years and was recommended as one of our 2015 recipients.  We arranged for her trip to Florida, which provided a rejuvenating time with her family during Christmas.

In January 2016, we travelled to Alaska to visit with our son. While there, he introduced me to Lt. Col. Thogmartin and Maj. Hall,     the Chaplains who work with Operation H.O.M.E. in selecting the soldiers who will receive the gift. These two great American heroes minister to our soldiers on a daily basis.

We also had the opportunity to personally meet with Bennett who shared the joy she had with her family during the previous holidays.

MILLER: Reunited with her children

Learning the stories of these soldiers was quite moving but none as heart touching as the soldier named Miller. Miller had struggled through harsh divorce and custody battle. While training to serve our country, this soldier had to fight for the custody of their children. Miller was relieved to have custody of the children but soon realized the job in the military was extremely difficult for a single parent. Miller’s children were transferred to live with the children’s grandparents in North Carolina -4300 miles away from the base in Alaska. The gift from great Americans, who support Operation H.O.M.E. became a gift not only to Miller but also to the soldier’s children.  This mother hugged her children and they loved on their mother for the first time in two years.

Christmas 2016

HAMLIN: Home for Christmas

According to CPT Josh Curtis, one soldier under his command, PFC Hamlin from Mississippi, "volunteered for the US Army for patriotism, honor and to give back to this Nation."  She saw it as a way to continue educating her self to make for a better future. 

Hamlin also financially takes care of her mother and 4 siblings back home. Being that the economy has been weak for the last 8 years she sends home a good portion of her pay to assist her family's financial instability.  Hamlin's stress helping back home is elevated because of her mothers poor health that keeps her from working.

The selfless acts of serving the country and supporting her family can be a very mentally taxing endeavor. Since her family is dependent on her income Hamlin could not afford to save the money to go home for Christmas.

The sacrificial giving of the donors to Operation H.O.M.E assured Hamlin arrived home in time for Christmas 2016, much her family's joyous surprise. 


Mike from Florida had no money to get home for Christmas 2016. Operation H.O.M.E. helped Mike get there. However, only Mike knew he would be home for Christmas......his mother had no idea. 

Watch and try not to smile. 

17 Service Members help home

HEALANDER: Give and it shall be given to you!

Operation H.O.M.E. had just overnighted 16 packages to the 2016 recipients for travel home for Christmas. Not yet even 1 mile from the FedEx drop off and a phone call came in from Chaplain MAJ Hall about a PFC Healander.

During the year 2016 Healander's home town was devastated by tornadic weather. His parents' home was destroyed and the roof was ripped from his sisters house. Healander offered his house trailer to his parents and sent money back to his sister to help replace her roof.

Because of his sacrifice to his family he could not save the money to go home for Christmas.

Operation H.O.M.E. sent out the 17th package immediately to get Healander home for Christmas.


Stories and videos --coming soon

"If I can see my little girl, that is all I want for CHRISTMAS." 

Although his life away from the military was in tatters that statement summed up the simple desire felt by PFC Angel T. This fine soldier had been sending the majority of his service pay back to his father and siblings in Puerto Rico ever since Hurricane Irma destroyed the island. His financial support helped his family with water, food and shelter. However, his generosity prevented him from affording a plane fare to be with any family for CHRISTmas.  When offered to be flown back home for CHRISTmas his response was quite moving "I cannot go back. The house I grew up in is gone. The street I grew up on is gone. I am afraid if I go back I will not be able to leave my family in those conditions and head back to my base and the comforts here."  As the interview continued PFC T. spoke about his young daughter living with her mother in NY. He had not seen her in more than a year. Because of the sacrifice this soldier made for the country and his family, Operation H.O.M.E. offered to send him to Puerto Rico and NY to see his daughter. "If I can see my little girl, that is all I want for CHRISTMAS."  That is exactly what he got. 


A CHRISTMAS REUNION....Completely UNexpected! 

PFC Hooks spent almost the full 22 years of his life in foster care homes. Operation H.O.M.E. received a recommendation for Hooks to travel to his home state for CHRISTmas. While interviewing PFC Hooks, he expressed the desire to spend CHRISTmas with his best friend's family. "They always treated me like one of theirs. I always felt welcome there."  After Hooks retuned back to his base he contacted Operation H.O.M.E. to say "Thank You" to all of the sponsors who made it possible to be "HOME". Hooks then unloaded a huge surprise. The surprise was greater for him than for Operation H.O.M.E. While home, after more than 15 years, he received an unexpected visit he was reunited with his maternal grand-mother and his birth mother. Hooks said "Without Operation H.O.M.E. that would have never happened."

25 individual reunited with family

CHRISTMAS 2017 greeted Operation H.O.M.E with Additional needs beyond other years. Some soldiers who could not travel at CHRISTMAS had extreme needs that OPERATION H.O.M.E. Helped with after the first of the year.

* PFC Melissa M. was assisted back to Los Angeles to visit her terminally ill mother. 

* PVT Lynette G. could not schedule for leave at CHRISTmas. She did receive leave to go home in January 2018. The reason she needed to go home was the need to move her daughter, who was living with an ill grandmother, to the base where PVT G. is stationed.

* SPC McJames, age 21, is awaiting word from the courts in her home states so she can take custody of her 2 younger siblings. McJames lost her mother in 2017 and is battling to keep her brother and sister together with her. 

How it Works

Operation: H.O.M.E has been set up as a nonprofit 501c3 allowing donations to be tax deductible. Your Donations will go to pay the cost of sending a soldier home for the Holidays.

In 2015 we based the cost of getting these Soldiers home by comparing what it cost for our Army son ($1,600) to come home for Christmas 2014. During the year 2015 the cost per soldier averaged $1,200. That year we had donations ranging $500-$3,600. The 2015 recipients flew home to their homes all across the country from California to Connecticut to Florida and to states in the middle of the map. As per our name, Helping Our Military Enlisted, our first goal is to help the enlisted soldiers because of their pay grade. However, we will help those soldiers with serious needs when we can.  We started with helping soldiers at the Alaska base we were familiar with but hope to extend the help to other bases and other military branches.

In 2017 our average cost to send a soldier home was $1,350.00

Please consider sponsoring a single soldier at $1,300.00
Or give whatever gift you can. We will work with different military bases and take care of booking the trip for each soldier in need.

Our goal for Christmas 2018 is to raise $100,000 to cover the cost for getting 65 soldiers home. If these individuals do not get home for Christmas they likely will be stuck on their respective military base unless someone is willing to give them a great Christmas gift.

Time is short. A soldier needs to get home. Please give today!

The past two years, the soldiers have benefited from the generous gifts of Americans who do not know them but who want to recognize their service and sacrifice.

Would you consider joining our Mission to give soldiers the gift of being home?

On behalf of this year’s recipients, THANK YOU!

Remember: It has always been the soldier who has paid the price for American freedoms.
— Byron Davis, Founder

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